Matt, what do people say about you?

Matt is an extremely talented developer with a passion for front-end technologies. During his time at The Black Tux, Matt was our most prolific contributor. And he is not just prolific, his dedication to the quality can be evidenced in his work. Over his tenure he managed to remove more lines of code than he added.

Beyond his regular duties, Matt was deeply involved in efforts to improve the quality of the code base and provided both the direction and muscle for framework/library updates, linting, and numerous refactors. With all this, Matt still managed to find the time to read and review every line of code written by the team.

If you are looking for a some big guns to add to your team, look no further.


I collaborated on many projects with Matt over the two years we worked together. He approaches development through the lens of user experience, prioritizing ease of interactions and system-wide coherence. He also helped establish coding standards, best practices and was a strong advocate for code quality.

Matt willingly jumped in to fix bugs quickly, became the knowledge expert of our front end systems, and explored new design patterns to increase developer productivity and improve code maintainability.

He is an extremely smart and talented developer.


'Front-End Guru' is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Matt.

I had the pleasure of working alongside with Matt at The Black Tux for three years, collaborating on several big projects. He actively spearheaded on improving our front-end codebase and laid down the foundation and best practices that we still use to this day. Besides writing clean, intuitive, and high quality code, Matt also has great design sensibility. And he is a great asset to any company softball team!

As a leader, team member, and friend, Matt has my highest recommendation.


Matt is an asset to any team. He is a wizard Front-end web dev in all tastes, with a full up-to-date knowledge of all best practices and patterns in modern MVC web frameworks.

Matt is also incredibly detail oriented and driven to always work against tech debt. Any features he develops will also level up the code around it. He also has a great eye for User Interfaces and Product, the type of dev who could take a sketch on a napkin and produce a full feature in production.

On top of it all Matt has a great sense of humor and relaxed mindset.


I loved working with Matt. He brings insight and clear logic to solving difficult problems. I worked closely with Matt to solve complex problems involving data pipelines, A/B tests, and website performance. He is highly skilled at software engineering and analyzing his own work through data.

He is also a joy to work with. Getting to know him on a personal level is nothing short of a blast, and you will have to get used to him constantly sharing his fresh produce from the farmer's market.

I highly recommend Matt as a software engineer and co-worker.